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Hungarian mirror listed on http://www.zsh.org/ horribly out of date, others no more work at all


I just noticed that http://www.cs.elte.hu/pub/zsh/ is horribly out of
date (offers 4.3.10 from 2009) despite being listed on
http://www.zsh.org/ as "site known to stay up-to-date". Additionally
ftp://ftp.cs.elte.hu/pub/zsh/ no more works at all: It asks for a
password instead of giving anonymous read access when trying to access
it in a web browser.

So I went through the remaining links on this page:

http://mirror.dejanseo.com.au/pub/zsh/ no more works either (redirects
to http://dejanseo.com.au/).

And I think we can also remove the listing of
http://zsh.dotsrc.org/FAQ/, too, as it already says "Being retired
(October 2009)".

		Kind regards, Axel
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author