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Re: bracketed paste

On 18/07/15 04:33, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> My concern is the average user that doesn't configure this. At the
> moment people are used to pasted newlines being accepted. If with 5.0.9,
> they paste a single line command including a trailing newline, there is
> no visible clue to tell them that things have changed: the cursor sits
> at the beginning of the next line and the user wonders for a few seconds
> why their command is taking so long.
> Like Bart, I'd rather the text is not altered. Sometimes I really want
> it verbatim and I can't write a widget to unalter it. Stripping just a
> single final newline wouldn't bother me greatly, however and it would
> mostly solve to concern I described above. There may be other solutions.

I agree here, I also wouldn't want text munging by default.

> Anyway, I'm not sure that a style achieves much because it isn't hard
> to write a custom widget and a widget is more flexible. The trick of
> using a prefix key also means you can have a selection: raw, quoted,
> whitespace removed, ${(Z.C.)var} for comment removal etc.

I'm still not sure if I can catch the prefix argument when using the new
widget (?)

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