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Re: PATCH: narrow-to-region (was Re: This widget implementation feels a bit clunky)

On Jul 20, 11:19am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: narrow-to-region (was Re: This widget implementation f
} Bart wrote:
} > } It'd also be good for the function to use the new undo limit features.
} > 
} > I was going to send a follow-up message about undo-ing and whether a call
} > to split-undo is needed before (and/or after) the recursive-edit.
} It is needed immediately after you've setup PREDISPLAY and emptied

The sourceforge outage is getting a bit annoying with respect to passing
these patches back and forth.

} > Related, should -S / -R implicitly set undo points?
} I've never used those two options and am not sure I quite understand
} what they're for. At least not without digging in the archives. With the
} patch below, it is fairly obviously broken for them because
} _ntr_changeno is set in a different block from the one which does zle
} undo to revert to it.

The -S and -R options are basically a hack to because there's no good way
to do a callback mechansim.  What you'd like is to replace recursive-edit
with a call back into the invoking scope, but you can't do that without
real closures or at least real namerefs, so "narrow-to-region -S" does
everything up to recursive-edit and then saves state, followed by -R
which restores state and picks up where -S left off.

If you introduce new variables _ntr_savelim and _ntr_changeno those are
going to have to be added to the state save/restore, or else they have
to be localized to the part where recursive-edit is called and NOT the
parts where state is saved/restored.

Also this --

}    PREDISPLAY=$_ntr_predisplay
}    POSTDISPLAY=$_ntr_postdisplay
} -  LBUFFER="$_ntr_lbuffer$BUFFER"
} -  RBUFFER="$_ntr_rbuffer"
} +  LBUFFER="$_ntr_lbuffer$_ntr_newlbuf"
} +  RBUFFER="$_ntr_newrbuf$_ntr_rbuffer"
}    MARK=${#_ntr_lbuffer}

-- breaks MARK and CURSOR again, you need


to get CURSOR in the right place.  Which means you may as well not save
the left and right buffers separately to begin with.

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