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Re: X font completion is buggy

On Jul 25, 12:50am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Anyone know what might be special about two dashes or was it just an
} attempt to reduce the number of matches?

Normally the typeface modifier e.g. "sans" would appear between those
dashes (the default apparently being "serif").  Following the dashes
are size variations.  It's entirely possible that in 1999 and before,
there were not enough different fonts for that information to make
any difference.

Also this predates menu-selection so insanely long completion listings
were more of a problem.

I think we could safely do away with that filter.

} + _font_cache=( ${${(f)"$(_call_program fonts xlsfonts)"}/--*/--} )

So my nearly-identical patch uses /%--*/-- which anchors --* to the end
of the string, because %%--* works that way.  Maybe that doesn't make
any difference in practice.  If we discard the filter entirely, this
question is rhetorical.

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