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Re: X font completion is buggy

On 2015-07-25 00:50:19 +0200, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> These days, xft fonts tend to be more useful so you might instead
> want to try the -fa option to xterm. e.g: xterm -fa Inconsolata

The "xterm -fn ..." was just a test of zsh completion and comparison
with xpdf, which also gives me an error, and I wanted to understand
why. I initially got an error for -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--
so that I tried something simpler with "xpdf -fn fix[TAB]" and noticed
the obvious completion bug "fixed--". Then I tried "xpdf -fn fixed",
and got again an error, so that I was wondering whether the -fn xpdf
option was something special. Thus I tried xterm. But I eventually
found that this was a bug in the Debian xpdf wrapper, which I've just


Now, the -fa option is useless since what I'm trying to do is to
increase the font size of the *UI* (for xterm, these are the menus),
and -fa has no effect on it. If you have a solution better than
"-fn" or "XTerm*font:" (which does not accept Xft fonts either):


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