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Re: Bug: git completion: __git_ignore_line ignores complete branch

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On 02.08.2015 18:20, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 4:44 PM, Daniel Hahler wrote:

>> __git_ignore_line_inside_arguments seems to be responsible for an error when trying
>> to complete an already complete branch.
>> E.g. "git branch -D branch<tab>" results in:
>>  -- no matches found: `branch-name' --
>> But "git branch -D branc<tab>" will complete "branch".
>> This is the function:
>> (( $+functions[__git_ignore_line] )) ||
>> __git_ignore_line () {
>>   declare -a ignored
>>   ignored=()
>>   ((CURRENT > 1)) &&
>>     ignored+=(${line[1,CURRENT-1]//(#m)[\[\]()\\*?#<>~\^]/\\$MATCH})
>>   ((CURRENT < $#line)) &&
>>     ignored+=(${line[CURRENT+1,-1]//(#m)[\[\]()\\*?#<>~\^]/\\$MATCH})
>>   $* -F ignored
>> }
>> (( $+functions[__git_ignore_line_inside_arguments] )) ||
>> __git_ignore_line_inside_arguments () {
>>   declare -a compadd_opts
>>   zparseopts -D -E -a compadd_opts V: J: 1 2 n f X: M: P: S: r: R: q F:
>>   __git_ignore_line $* $compadd_opts
>> }
>> And it is used like this in _git-branch:
>>   dependent_deletion_args+='*: :__git_ignore_line_inside_arguments __git_branch_names'
>> The problem is that it will ignore the current word, "branch", but should do so probably
>> only if it is not being completed currently, i.e. has a space at the end?!
>> It works when completing "branc", because then only "branc" will be ignored.
>> $line in the context of __git_ignore_line will be the part after "git branch -D", and $CURRENT will be 3.  That seems to be off?!
>> For the case at hand, using ${line[1,CURRENT-3]//...} seems to fix it, but probably
>> an index matching the position in $line, and then -1 should be used?!
> I haven't looked at the code but this sounds like huge confusion in
> the code. The ignore-line style already does this generically for
> anything you can complete, _git shouldn't be doing it manually in a
> single specific case at all.

I see, but it is not used (nor recommended to be used) by default (with "true" or "other).

Is it possible to use it dynamically, e.g. after "git branch -D" only?

The tag in this context appears to be ":completion::complete:git-branch::", which is not specific enough (for including the "-D"), but might make sense anyway?

    zstyle ":completion::complete:git-branch:*" ignore-line true

A drawback of using this seems to be that it would also ignore branches named "branch" then..

Additionally, it won't work when using a function ("gb"), where completion is linked to via:

    compdef _git gb=git-branch

But this can be fixed by using this instead:

    compdef -e 'words=(git branch ${words[2,-1]}); ((CURRENT++)); _normal' gb

It seems like the special handling in _git makes sense, but could be generalized?!
Then it would have to use something else than $CURRENT, which refers to $words, while
it uses $line, which appears to be something shorter / more specific?!
And then the current word needs to be excluded, too.



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