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[PATCH 00/18] Updates for _tmux

I've recently been playing for some integration between zsh and tmux in my
setup and noticed that our completion function _tmux had become a bit out of

So I started updating it again. After a while I got tired of manually checking
what options and commands are available in tmux and what options and commands
_tmux think there are... so I wrote a little script (see the "Add helper
script..." commit that adds Utils/check-tmux-state). It doesn't parse tmux's
manpage to see if all sub-command options are covered correctly, but it was
very useful nonetheless.

This updates the completion file to tmux's current git HEAD.

The current TODO as far as I am aware is:

 - Implement __tmux-format

 - Implement __tmux-style (possibly using existing helpers like
   __tmux-attributes and __tmux-colours)

 - in _tmux-list-panes, use __tmux-windows or __tmux-sessions
   depending on -s is among the sub-commands current command line.

If anyone wants to pick off one of those, be my guest. :-)

Since this is a fairly large update: Should I wait until 5.0.9 is out or do I
go ahead and commit it right away? Bear in mind that the completion was quite
out of date, but also that this is a rather large update... So I don't know.

Frank Terbeck (18):
  _tmux: Update command line options
  _tmux: Update options for supported commands
  _tmux: Add support for new sub-commands
  _tmux: Remove dead code
  _tmux: Don't unset, set empty in local scope
  _tmux: No need to unset local variables
  _tmux: Replay all arguments when dispatching to new _tmux()
  _tmux: "local -x" serves no purpose
  _tmux: options => session_options
  Add helper script to check state of _tmux completion
  _tmux: Remove old sub-commands and their aliases
  _tmux: Add new command aliases
  _tmux: Fix options with changed scope
  _tmux: Remove support for old options
  _tmux: Add new session options
  _tmux: Add support for new server options
  _tmux: Add support for new window options
  _tmux: Update TODO

 Completion/Unix/Command/_tmux | 660 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 Util/check-tmux-state         | 216 ++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 585 insertions(+), 291 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Util/check-tmux-state


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