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Re: ssh host completion: ~/.ssh/config vs /etc/hosts


thanks for the pointer, Bart. Reverting the patch mentioned in

>     http://www.zsh.org/mla/users/2007/msg00233.html

restores the behavior I want (and which I find less confusing, to be
honest): »ssh testme-<TAB>« now lists both the entries from /etc/hosts
as well as those from ~/.ssh/config.

> It seems a bit odd that this kicks in when there is no user-name part
> in the word being completed.

Even adding user@ I would expect all possible hosts to be listed, not
just the ones from /etc/hosts… To me the current behavior looks like a
bug. Why should entries from /etc/hosts be exclusive in any shape or
form? What makes them more special?

Note that I'm not really arguing against what the user in msg00233.html
wants to do. I'm talking about ssh completion's default behavior. Solely
from the point of view of ease of use.

Kind regards,

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