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Re: [PATCH] bracketed-paste: change quoting style

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Make bracketed-paste use ''-quoting instead of \-quoting (when NUMERIC
> is nonzero).
> It's a bikeshed, of course, but I think '' is more readable.

I'd agree that it is less ugly but there was some rationale behind the
choice of \-quoting. It is easier to remove unwanted characters. So
if the paste inserts text\  you can press backspace twice to get rid
of the trailing space. With 'text ', you have to do more. It is also
more likely to give you something useful if you are nesting quotes.
Finally, it is what completion uses if there is no existing quoting so
is consistent with that.

I can't say I care a great deal. If you do, Mikael's suggestion of
making it depend on the numeric argument is a good idea.

What I was hoping to get at with the vim-style `[ and `] marks was a way
to retrospectively quote the pasted text. Doing things in that order
seems more helpful and more flexible.


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