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Track Your Contact List



Hope you are doing well, by the way of introduction my name is Elvin
Kendrick and I handle the pre-packaged E-mail List division. I do research
on companies that have a similar profile to our clients and got your contact


As I was growing through your company website, I found that our contact list
could bring more leads for your organization. . We are a reputed database
provider with a master database of over 100 million business records from
across the globe and we we can help you to reach your target audience
directly through different channels like Email, Phone, Fax and Direct mail
with updated database records


Would you like to connect with CFOs, CTOs, COOs, CIOs, Presidents, GMs, Mid
level Managers, Administrators, Compensation and Benefits
Managers/Directors, Investors, CPAs,  Insurance Policy Processing Clerks
,Insurance Sales Agents, Brokers, Cover holders, Managing Agent, Members
Agent, Open Market Correspondent, Run-off Brokers, Property, Real Estate,
and Community Association Managers, Personal Financial Advisors, Financial
Managers, Financial Companies, Business professionals, IT professionals,
Legal & Taxation, Credit unions, Automobile Industry, Small and medium
enterprises, and many more!


Other Industries :- Supply Chain, Construction, Drilling ,Pipe Line,
Manufacturing, Health Care, Mining, Transportation, Manufacturing, Finance,
Insurance, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Construction, Publishing and
Printing, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductors, Security, Pool and Spa, Oil and
Gas, IT Software, Service Providers, Retailers, Wholesalers etc

We believe in understanding our client's requirement to complement their
business growth. If this is not your relevant industry, You may let us know
your exact target audience as per the parameters mentioned below which will
facilitate me to provide you with a set of sample data for your review:-


Industry Type(Any industry): -

Geography(All over the world):-



If you are interested in email and data appending solutions, revert with
30-40 contacts from your current database which has missing information for
test  append results.


If you think I have not reached the right person/right department, please
forward this email to help me reach the right person.

Looking forward to connect with you!



Elvin Kendrick
Online Marketing Manager

Our Services :- Email Campaign, Email and Data Appending Services, Website
Design and Development, E-Commerce Solutions, IT Services, Bpo Services, B2B
and B2C Services Etc..


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