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Re: end-of-line not working as advertised?

On Aug 20, 12:36pm, Robin Lee Powell wrote:
} Please cc: me as I'm not on the list.
} beginning-of-line works, in that repeated presses take me to
} successive line beginnings.  end-of-line, not so much.  See video:

You're using an emacs-mode key binding in vicmd mode.  In vicmd mode,
the position of the cursor isn't allowed to move beyond the last
real character on any line, so end-of-line never actually reaches
(what it defines as) the end of the current line, and therefore never
advances to the next line.

If you try it in either actual emacs mode, or in viins mode where you
have also defined it, it works as documented.

Nothing is guaranteed to work exactly as documented if you mix the
widgets from different modes; vicmd mode is especially unlike either
of the others.

Barton E. Schaefer

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