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Re: edit-command-line problem with emacsclient

Peter Vasil wrote on Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 13:46:26 +0200:
> Commit 35ffe36318955d03fca3df0d34a0997970cfc6a3 introduced the change,
> that when calling edit-command-line, the curser is put to the right offset.

I wrote that.  Sorry for the bug.  I'm a vim user, and I sanity-tested
the emacs case, but I don't actually speak emacs lisp, so I'm not
surprised the patch was complete but not sound.  I see now I forgot to
state in the patch mail that the emacs codepath needed extra review :-/


(OT: Perhaps I should add "I don't speak emacs lisp" to https://people.apache.org/~danielsh/bilmiyorum/?)

> This is implemented for vim and emacs, however if I set my EDITOR or
> VISUAL to emacsclient, the *emacs* condition gets called which does not
> work for emacsclient. The arguments specidied for emacs work only for
> Emacs but not for emacsclient.
> It would be great to change the condition *emacs* that it does not match
> emacsclient or add another condition for emacsclient with appropriate
> arguments.
> Thanks and bests,
> Peter

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