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Re: [patch] _hg: completion for 'hg bookmarks'

On Sep 24,  4:05pm, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
} 3. Why do you have a leading '-' on the first and last line?  Is it
} intentional?

     It is possible to specify multiple sets of options and arguments
     with the sets separated by single hyphens.  The specifications
     before the first hyphen (if any) are shared by all the remaining
     sets.  The first word in every other set provides a name for the
     set which may appear in exclusion lists in specifications, either
     alone or before one of the possible values described above.  In
     the second case a `-' should appear between this name and the


     If the name given for one of the mutually exclusive sets is of the
     form `(NAME)' then only one value from each set will ever be
     completed; more formally, all specifications are mutually
     exclusive to all other specifications in the same set.  This is
     useful for defining multiple sets of options which are mutually
     exclusive and in which the options are aliases for each other.

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