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Re: [PATCH] complete two or more options for zsh

On Sep 26,  1:04am, Jun T. wrote:
} Anyway, yes, it's better to do all the completion by _arguments alone.
} How about the patch below?
} (or is it better to create _zsh to do the completion for zsh only?).

If the zsh case is never going to use any of the common code for other
shells, then it would probably be better to create an _zsh.  I'm
trying to think of ways that might fail to be backward-compatible with
existing compdef configs, but not coming up with anything.

} > Hm.  Is this a bug in _arguments rather than in the way that _sh
} > called _arguments?  That is, should descr ever be a single ":"?
} If there is ever an intended effect of specifying '*:' as a helpspec,
} then it would better to fix _arguments to do the intended job.
} So anyway '*:' seems to have no effect on how the options are ordered.
} What is the intended effect of '*:' as a help spec?

The person who could definitively answer that hasn't read this list in
at least a decade.  Maybe someone else remembers, but I don't.

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