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Re: Zed obtains fresh text of function

On Oct 3, 12:44pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} Subject: Zed obtains fresh text of function
} Hello,
} creating simple function tst in */site-functions:
}         echo "Hello tst abcd"
} doing:
} autoload zed
} autoload tst
} zed -f tst
} And then repeating:
} zed -f tst<Enter><Ctrl-C>
} after each update of the tst file/function - will result in zed
} loading the most recent version of the function, i.e. from disk.

Yes, if you ctrl+c out of zed then it does not save the function in
the current shell, so it remains undefined/autoloadable.  Then the
next time you run zed, it loads from the $fpath file again.

This is the intended behavior; you need to exit from zed with ^X^W
(or ZZ if in vicmd mode) in order to save your changes (even if you
didn't explicitly make any -- autoloading was an implicit change).

Even if you ^X^W the state is only saved to the current shell (memory),
not written back to the source file.

} Not sure if this is expected, however I face an obvious situation - I
} update autoloaded function and run it, and it is the disk version that
} is being run, not the one from first load

If the ONLY "first load" is with zed, then the function was never
really loaded -- it was only pulled into a vared buffer to await
that final write command.  You aborted the process of parsing it
into a runnable state by hitting ctrl+c.

If this isn't what you mean, then you're going to have to give a
more explicit example.

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