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Optimization of string.c

I attach a patch that uses memcpy instead of strcpy for strings of
length 8 and more. The four attached scripts reveal performance gains
of 10.5%, 22.4%, 8.5%, 14.7%. I didn't run tests that would e.g.
search for more optimal value that the 8. I thought that I will ask
for ideas for such tests. When is ztrdup() called often? Or rarely. I
would use the ideas and run the tests tomorrow (probably for whole

I was long struggling with bug in llvm compiler. Memcpy can like
randomly slow down there. I documented this here:


The gains exceed my expectations, they were rather lower on OS X,
however the bug prevented obtaining anything that's consistent. I just
warn that the gains might be lower. I now run the tests on FreeBSD
machine. It is worth noting that the FreeBSD's memcpy isn't the
fastest one. I would say it is slow
Tomorrow I will run the tests also on Linux machine.

It might be that the faster the CPU is, the lower the gain is. If
someone could repeat the tests on machine with 1.5 GHz or more it
would be of value.

- OS X 10.9.2, clang-500.2.79, zsh version used in the video 377e240,
Core i5 2.3 GHz
- FreeBSD 10.1, gcc 4.8.4, zsh version used in tests 64061e5, Pentium M 600 MHz

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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