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Re: Slowdown around 5.0.5-dev-0

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On Oct 11,  8:05pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} The patch (alone) much helped, zprof time is now 3027

Wow, I wasn't expecting that much difference.

} Htop shows RES of 152 MB. For the first patch
} RES is 166 MB. For the clean version it's 152 MB.

OK, this makes sense because the patch from workers/36834 is leaving some
heaps around longer whereas the patch from workers/36836 is just avoiding
a re-scan of the list of heaps at allocation time.

} I didn't combine the patches

It may be interesting to do so, they shouldn't conflict.  From what you
said before --

} > } It's now much faster, zprof time 11851 vs 3433.

-- each of them cut the time by about 2/3, so together they may get it
below 3000.

Barton E. Schaefer

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