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Re: Bug in alias expansion

On Nov 18,  2:13pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Actually, now I start looking, I think I'm inclining to Mikael's view on
} the interaction between this and the position of alias expansion, even
} if it's global.  At the top level we have $(, foo, ).  foo clearly
} starts within the $(.  So it's hard to see how the $( can then end
} within the foo; it seems to violate the hierarchy.

OK, so by that logic a subscript is also in the hierarchy (and for that
matter is supposed to behave mostly like double-quotes, within which
aliases do not expand) so I should commit 37122.

} Currently we expand both when parsing the entrails of the $(...)
} and executing it, but should possibly only do so in the latter case.
} I haven't look to see if this affects any tests.

Would not-expanding affect cmd_or_math() adversely?  Is that why we
expand and then backtrack?

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