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Re: zsh 5.1.1-test-1

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 06:35:14PM +0000, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I've upoloaded a test version 5.1.1-test-1 preparatory to releasing
> 5.2.  You can find it at
> http://www.zsh.org/pub/development/
> and also as a tag in the repository.

Test suite runs fine on Debian sid.

However on startup with my zshrc I get the following error from

    VCS_INFO_maxexports:7: array parameter zle_bracketed_paste created globally in function VCS_INFO_maxexports
    VCS_INFO_nvcsformats:13: array parameter msgs created globally in function VCS_INFO_nvcsformats

I reproduced this with the following zshrc:

    setopt warn_create_global
    autoload -Uz vcs_info

Btw. it would be really nice if we could get signed releases
(signed git tag and signature files for the tarballs). Having to
download untrusted code and just running it is something I'd like
to avoid. Especially useful for distributions which provide those
sources to many users.

+ privacy is necessary
+ using gnupg http://gnupg.org
+ public key id: 0x92FEFDB7E44C32F9

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