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LED Lighting and LED Signage products

Hello again,

I sent you my price list and also a list of showing you my Prudential°Øs
and proving, I am not a wake up this morning and get into the LED Business,

I have over 30 years in American Lighting & American Signage, with over 10
years in LED Lighting and LED signage.

As you notices, the price list was setup to give you up to 50% off on all
the prices of both the LED Lighting and the LED Signage products.

If you are interested in LED Lighting products, we can help you by
preforming and energy audit on your property to figure the true savings of
switch from the old outdated lighting to the new modern LED Lighting
Systems. Sometimes is better to just retrofit the excessing lighting
systems and sometimes it is best to just replace the whole lighting system,
we can help to understand the 2 possible choices.

Who pays the electric bill in your company, that Is the person, you and I
can help the most!

Our company is a manufactures/assembles/distributor of LED Lighting, as
will as LED Signage products.

We offer a 10-year limited warranty on our products.

A 10% Lead Referral Pay-Back, that means you send 10 people with a project
equal to yours and you get your FREE!

Turn Key Solutions and much more!

Perks, in which we offer you!

1. Free Energy Audit
2. Turn Key Solution
3. No Money Down
4. Interest Free Loans
5. Free Installation
6. 10 Year Limited Warranty
7. Bonded and Insured Project Protection Plan
8. 10% Referral Pay-Back
9. 3% You help us
10.  You Refer 10 customers with an equal value of your lighting project
and get your lighting project for free!


Please let me know, what it is I can do to be of service to your company,
right now!

Happy Holidays,

Email: rosillyt@xxxxxxxx

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