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Re: backward-kill-shell-word widget

How about such project?


- if transpose-shell-words and/or your backward-kill-shell-word will
be commited, then somewhere near zsh-6.2 an user will be allowed to
expect "it works everywhere, I can always copy my .zshrc and use the
- by creating the project the functionality will be provided to all
zsh versions, even zsh 4.x
- all editing functionalities grasped by a group of people,
configured, provided – sum of parts is more than set of parts, we will
be able to obtain cool things and provide them in sane manner, with
sane shortcuts etc.

If I'm to work alone on the project, I need at least your permission
to use backward-kill-shell-word under GPLv3 and MIT. Can I please?

I used the github originated plugin architecture. I'm not into this
very much, the code is often naive, for example this is how Antigen
looks for files to source:

        local script_loc="$(ls "$location" | grep '\.plugin\.zsh$' | head -n1)"

The plugin architecture is: add plugin to $fpath, source
".plugin.zsh". Maybe there is a flaw in this and it can be done
better, not sure.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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