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Re: New widget "transpose-segments"

On Jan 9,  6:59pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} The main difference is working across newlines. Also, the requirement
} to position cursor at beginning of word to transpose is absent. I
} think those two are important.

Patches for both of these sent a little while ago.

} Also, setting word style is not needed.

"select-word-style" is a shortcut for loading the entire set of widgets
based on match-words-by-style.  The style itself defaults properly if
not set.  So this is similar to saying transpose-words-match is better
because "zle -N transpose-segments" would not be needed.

I have no real objection to including either your widget or Daniel's,
but the number of different ways to do the almost but not quote the
same thing begins to be overwhelming (e.g., I would have preferred
that Oliver not make the "vim text objects" into built-ins because
that's also duplicating parts of match-words-by-style, but it was
necesary to be able to have default key bindings).

However, I should note that I would rather that we don't introduce yet
another term ("segments") to mean "shell words".

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