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Re: transpose-words-match (Re: New widget "transpose-segments")

On Jan 12, 10:23am, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} It's interesting that insert-last-word operates on shell words
} although this is not stated in manual.

insert-last-word operates on elements of the $historywords array, so
if you setopt histlexwords then insert-last-word uses shell words,
and if you don't have that setopt then it uses space-separated words.

} > select-in-shell-word
} Other lines, when ended with space, will also cause the unexpected
} behavior. I should have stated this that it's about space at the end.

Yes, sorry; that's the "in" part of select-in-shell-word.  It selects
the word under the cursor, or (what I hadn't noticed when I created
that little three-line widget) the word to the *right* of the cursor
if between words; and because of vim-ism, it does not cross newlines.
So if you're at the end of a line with whitespace it selects nothing.

} Seems that (Z:n:) would discard the new lines like
} any other white spaces and the code would be simpler.

Actually it doesn't discard them -- they are treated as a word if in
context they act as a separator.  They just aren't converted into

} BTW. I discovered that following multi line command can make various
} versions of zsh hang on it:
} Does it reproduce to you?

Hangs how?  In ZLE, or when attempting to actually execute the commands?

If the latter, can you "set -vx" to see if it's possible to tell which
line causes the problem?

If the former, you'll have to explain in more detail the steps to
reproduce, including whether it's possible to do so from "zsh -f".

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