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Re: backward-kill-shell-word widget

Bart Schaefer wrote on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 22:54:02 -0800:
> On Jan 14, 12:13am, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> }
> } Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that the zsh default
> } setup is rather minimal: no cwd in PS1, no history tracking, etc..
> I've been noodling about with a set of default styles to set for
> compsys, not (obviously) to be incorporated into the C code but to
> be distributed as a source-able (or potentially autoloadable) file.
> It would replace the zstyle stuff at the end of StartupFiles/zshrc.

Nice.  Having that would let people opt-in to a more useful default.
(Vim does something similar: it a conservative default and an opt-in to
a less conservative default.)

Somewhat related: From time to time I run into snippets that I would
consider including in some collection of "useful styles", but I don't
know of a good place to add those snippets to.  I'm not sure
StartupFiles/zshrc is that place (do users ever see it?).  Where, then?

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