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Decided to change the topic and start a new thread, because I don't
think that ZPlugin will be "mainstream" in any near future. Too long
code, too sophisticated, requiring resistance to KSH_ARRAYS and other
things. After a half year of development who knows, maybe it'll become
a plugin manager of official Zsh choice. Am I not too pessimistic? Or

That said it can be developed for a half year or a year, with
mainstream eyes looking at the code, any objections being taken into
account, to avoid OMZ situation where too much is happening in a black
box of Advanced Bash Scripting Guide shell code.

I just added initial support for reporting of what functions a plugin
creates, written in one hour:


Would gladly welcome any participation in the development, any
objections and criticism. After some iterations of the function-diff
support, I'll move to recognize any existing advanced plugin
frameworks, like Zplug https://github.com/b4b4r07/zplug

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author