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Re: Compiled files ignore aliases

Yes I thought about it and it's reasonable, though unsymmetrical. Zwc
changes things, there isn't full symmetry when sourcing file already
parsed or not, but see *. The "reasonable" is that parsing probably
does lookup each word in a hash table to see if there is an alias for
it. Compiling means skipping that time consuming process. So compiling
is maybe all or maybe mostly about ability of ignoring aliases. In my
project I'm being close to able to fully switch to function shadowing,
the only juggling is about compdef which isn't builtin, but that's too
handable by function shadowing (will have to wrap function by
function). Plugin architecture may be simply extended by constraint
"expect no aliases" and that's all, it's a luck that (*) plugin isn't
"a file to source", it's a software package which may have

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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