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Dear owner of zsh.sourceforge.net,

I'm sure you have been contacted in this matter many times before but our
value proposition is much different. We show the client results before we
ask for any further commitment.

As a business owner you might be interested to gain profit by placing your
website among top in search engines.

Your website needs immediate improvement for some major issues with your

-Low online presence for many competitive keyword phrases

-Unorganized social media accounts

-Not compatible with all mobile devices

-Many bad back links to your website

I have selected your website zsh.sourceforge.net and prepared a* FREE website audit
report.* This is for you, completely free at no charge.

If my proposal sound's interesting for your business goal, feel free to
email me, or can provide me with your phone number and the best time to
call you. I am also available for an online meeting to present you this
website audit report.

I look forward to hearing from you - thanks!

Best Regards,


Marketing Consultant

PS: I am not spamming. I have studied your website, prepared an audit
report and believe I can help with your business promotion. If you still
want us to not contact you, you can ignore this email or ask to remove and
I will not contact again.

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