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Re:Written Guarantee for SEO

Hi There,

This is a follow up to my previous email.

I sent you a mail regarding your Website Page Ranking, have you had time to
go through it. Can you let us know if this may be of interest?


Kind Regards,



From: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 12:06 PM
To: zsh-workers@xxxxxxx
Subject: Written Guarantee for SEO



I'm Sam from a Melbourne-based SEO Agency that provides 1st Page Google
Results which we Guarantee in Writing. We're a legitimate company with an
office based just outside of the CBD and we only work with Australian


Please get back in touch to get some more info about who we are and what we
can do for your business. We've also got a 'Pay-On-Results' Campaign for
client's who've been burned before and are very distrustful of SEO.


Sam - Sales Executive


Note: - If you are not interested then you can reply with  "NO", we will
never contact you again.



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