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Re: [BUG] Long line makes pattern matching (by //) hog Zsh

On Jun 5,  4:36pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} 1. not backslash nor slash nor space [^ /\\\\]##
} 2. not number, slash, backslash, space [^0-9/\\\\ ]##
} 3. not slash, backslash [^/\\\\]#
} 4. end of line (#e)

It's in the block in pattern.c:patchmatch() that begins with the

		 * Lookahead to avoid useless matches. This is not possible
		 * with approximation.

Specifically, in the "if (no >= min) for (;;) ..." loop, at each charater
in the input string patmatch() is called recursively to look at the rest
of the string, which again enters this same loop because the next thing
is also a one-or-more expression, which calls recursively and again
enters the loop because the thing after that is a zero-or-more.

It consumes a LOT of memory while doing this, even if I add a hack to
prevent it from recursively re-entering lookahead (or to skip the
lookahead entirely).

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