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Re: PATCH: allow default match specs to be disabled (was Re: [PATCH v4] zsh localedef completion)

On Jun 20,  4:13pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} A single hyphen wouldn't be a good idea because _wanted and similar
} helpers look for a single hyphen to indicate where they should insert
} the explanation options. The way ! is used in tag-order is somewhat
} different. Do you have a preference for it as such?

I do not have a preference.

} Yes, my question concerned only the order of match specifications as they
} are passed to compadd -M within a single string.

Ah!  OK, in that case the answer is that the order does not matter; all
the controls in a single string are supposed to apply "at the same time"
describing a single matching operation.

I'm quite surprised the doc doesn't come right out and say this anywhere, 
but the examples referring to "both left and right anchor" etc. make it
reasonably plain.

On Jun 20,  4:10pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I think this is well into undocumented behaviour that a user might be
} well advised not to find out about by creating specs where it matters.

I can't think of any way to create a spec where it would matter ...

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