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--enable-etcdir for multiple locations (similar to PATH)

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if it is possible to tell zsh to look in multiple different
locations for it's startup/shutdown configuration files?

I believe it is possible to change the location that it will look for them
at compile time with --enable-etcdir=INSERTDIRHERE. However, zsh then does
not look for the config files in the default /etc/ directory anymore - only
the newly specified directory.

As an example, it would be good if zsh could be configured at compile time
with a list of directories to search for config files in. If /usr/local/etc
is added to the list, it would look for /etc/zshrc and if it is not found,
it would look for /usr/local/etc/zshrc. The priority would be in the order
they were specified in the compile time flag (similar to PATH) - or they
could even both be read and compound each other.

This is important, because in FreeBSD, configuration files for ports are
not supposed to be in /etc, but in /usr/local/etc. However, we are aware
that many people with read the official zsh documentation at the link below
and try to put the configuration files in /etc.

Thanks for your help.


From: Benjamin Woods

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