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[Feature Request] git push completion for signed pushes


Git added the ability to have GPG signed pushes in v2.2.0 [1] back in
2014. however, there is currently no completion for these options.  As a
result, I'd like to request that they be added.

Here are the options as listed in the man-pages [2]
git push [--[no-]signed|--sign=(true|false|if-asked)]

	GPG-sign the push request to update refs on the receiving
	side, to allow it to be checked by the hooks and/or be
	logged.  If `false` or `--no-signed`, no signing will be
	attempted.  If `true` or `--signed`, the push will fail if the
	server does not support signed pushes.  If set to `if-asked`,
	sign if and only if the server supports signed pushes.  The push
	will also fail if the actual call to `gpg --sign` fails.  See
	linkgit:git-receive-pack[1] for the details on the receiving end.




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