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Maintaining Websites


Websites are quite powerful, but we all know it is not easy to maintain them. Avoiding issues around security can also be tricky, and dealing with various plugins non-trivial. We find many users seeking professionally maintained technologies with direct service staff.

Robert from Ocoos here. The essence of the platform is the combination of your website, multiple engagement models with your customers, and built in marketing automation.

Basicly, a full online platform in-a-box. Best of all, the capability is delivered through concierge services. In way of analogy, think of us like HR-block vs Turbo-tax. The power of our core platform allows us to offer the solution at a surprisingly affordable price.

This platform is well recognized in the industry and folks like Dell have built joint solutions with us.

Please allow me to show you how we can help your business. If interested, simply reply to this message with your phone number and a couple of times when we can chat.

Robert Powers
Business Development Manager
Office: [ 844-669-3366 ]( tel:844-669-3366 )
Wondering about the quote? Ask me :)

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