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Deliberately abstract question about calling zle widgets

Ignoring for the moment the pseudo-keymaps that switch on internal thingy
names of builtin widgets ... can anyone tell me whether the following is
a true assertion?

  Given an absence of other user-defined widgets and a function
    wrap_builtin_widget() { zle .$WIDGET "$@" }
  then for any (every) builtin widget bltinwid,
    zle -N bltinwid wrap_builtin_widget
  has no observable side-effects.

When I say "no side effects" I'm referring to things like loss of suffix
autoremoval when bltinwid is a completion widget, changed "undo" handling,
mishandled numeric prefixes, etc.  I'm not looking for obscure ways to
break it such as aliasing or disabling the zle command.

If the assertion is known to be false, please name any builtin widgets you
are aware of for which this assertion does not hold.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author