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SSH hostname completion with common suffix and globcomplete inserts characters

When using TAB completion (via expand-or-complete, and "setopt
globcomplete") on a partial hostname where alternatives with a common
suffix exist, the second invocation of TAB will insert some character(s)
that make it fail to complete afterwards.

% autoload -Uz compinit
% compinit
% echo "Host test-05827d88.foo.bar test-6cae9ce0.foo.bar" > ssh_config
% setopt globcomplete


% ssh -F ssh_config test-<TAB>

You will get:

% ssh -F ssh_config test-|.foo.bar

Pressing TAB again results in:

% ssh -F ssh_config test-|BR.foo.bar

The characters being inserted seem to come from the "bar".

With ".dot.com" at the end I am seeing "CM" being inserted.

With "Host test-05.dot.com test-6c.dot.com" however "D" is being

And with a single TLD (i.e. "test-05827d88.com test-6cae9ce0.com") it

In _ssh_hosts the following is used, which seems to be relevant, since
the inserted characters are uppercased:

    compadd -M 'm:{a-zA-Z}={A-Za-z} r:|.=* r:|=*' "$@" $config_hosts

zsh 5.2-dev-1, 062aeca.


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