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Re: [PATCH] _virsh (Was: Re: zsh virsh completion)

On Sep 4,  4:01am, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
} Perhaps using sudo should be opt-in on the part of the user; that is:
} when gain-privileges is unset, either behave as though it's set to
} false, or perhaps prompt the user (via the minibuffer?) for permission
} to use sudo.  (And cache the user's reply for next time?)
} Just thinking out loud here.

I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to this thread because
Oliver seemed to have it pretty well surrounded, but my two cents:

I would prefer that we never implicitly call 'sudo'; rather, that it
be explictly referenced by the user in a zstyle whether or not it's
already on the command line.

There's an admittedly somewhat arbitrary line between a completion
being helpful enough, and it venturing into places it has no business
going in an effort to present perfect knowledge.  Sometimes perfect
knowledge isn't worth the effort or the side-effects.  (A lot of the
"remote" completions are bumping along this line as well.)

However, I also think prompting during completion (except in the form
of the menu-ing variations) is likely to cause mistakes.

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