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Re: zsh/re2 : avoid until further notice

Phil Pennock wrote on Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 19:23:51 +0000:
> With the AC_TRY_RUN(PROG,=yes,=no,=unknown), when the program crashed,
> the `./configure` run reported the status of that test as "unknown" and
> continued on.  Yes, this was building locally, no cross-compiling.

A comma is missing after the first "yes":

+  zsh_cv_cre2_runtime_broken=no,
+  zsh_cv_cre2_runtime_broken=yes
+  zsh_cv_cre2_runtime_broken=yes))

(So the "=no =yes =unknown" took the 'unknown' for part if the if-false
action, rather than the if-cross action.)

> Also, I don't know if any of the ac logic should be in aclocal.m4,
> aczsh.m4, should stay in configure.ac or something else, and how this
> should be decided.

I'd vote for configure.ac.  The other two seem to be about autoconf
library functions and about system tests (as opposed to dependency

> If anyone has tried the zsh-workers 39249 patch, success/failure reports
> even on the basic functionality would be nice.  :)

I haven't, sorry :(

FWIW on my OS (debian) I see only a package for re2, not for cre2.



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