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Re: Can periodic hook stop rescheduling?

On Sep 15, 12:18pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} This might be a general topic of descheduling, its not-full
} convenience. It is done via: sched -item (number of item on sched's
} list as man page says). Apparently one has to fork, parse `sched`
} output, establish item nr and invoke sched -item.

Well, sched was intended as a purely interactive feature since it
only works at all in interactive shells, so the assumption at the
time was that a human would read the sched output and remove the
corresponding item.  Hiding the scheduled tasks behind some kind
of UI and manipulating them programatically was not in the plan.

At the moment it's like you're complaining that it's inconvenient
that your 1989 Volvo doesn't have keyless ignition.

} new builtin is rather a unpleasant thing, one has to fill some
} registration tables probably? What are chances for schedid, ksched,
} automatic rescheduling? Maybe I could implement them

They're more likely to show up as options to "sched" itself than as
new separate builtins.

} PS2. About my question on periodic hook, is it immune to Ctrl-C?

It's not immune in the sense that you can interrupt the function
while it's running, but it is immune in that it keeps repeating as
long as PERIOD has a value even if it was interrupted last time.

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