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Re: exported unset variables [was: 'export -p' lacks POSIX output]

On Oct 29,  9:11am, Martijn Dekker wrote:
} > } (Also, is it correct/expected behaviour that zsh doesn't parse comments
} > } on the interactive command line? Blindly copying/pasting the above won't
} > } work for that reason.)
} > 
} > Yes, the option INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS has to be set to recognize comments
} > at the command line.  Should this be on in POSIX mode?
} I think so. All the other shells recognise comments in interactive mode
} by default.

Hmm, it looks like this is already the case; if I invoke zsh as "ksh":

$ setopt | grep comment
nointeractivecomments off

And indeed the source gives interactivecomments the OPT_BOURNE flag.

The only other thing might be to also give it the OPT_EMULATE flag, but
I'm uncertain about that.  In what circumstances are you encountering
difficulty with this?

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