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"fake" style requires at least one real match?

This is essentially the same Q-and-A as from users/10988 almost exactly
ten years ago.  The difference is that the solution in that message no
longer works.

zstyle ':completion::complete:cd:*' tag-order \
  'named-directories:-mine:extra\ directories
named-directories:-normal:named\ directories *'
mydirs=(mydir1 mydir2)
zstyle -e ':completion::complete:cd:*:named-directories-mine' fake \
zstyle -e ':completion::complete:cd:*:named-directories-mine' \
ignored-patterns 'reply=("(${(qkj.|.)nameddirs})")'

Unless at least one of the real matches is excluded from ignored-patterns,
the "comptags" loop in _all_labels makes another pass and re-adds all the
matches that it ignored the first time around.  This also affects the
fake-always style, which was intended to explicitly allow ignoring all
the real matches.

There don't appear to have been any changes to _description or _all_labels
in all that time that would affect this, so it must be something in the
internals?  There also haven't been any changes to bin_comptags() that
look like they could be the culprit, I don't know where to look next.

Also, an aside, _cd doesn't offer named-directories unless there is a
prefix of the word.  I don't recall if that's a change from the past or

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author