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Re: [PATCH] make TERMINFO_DIRS variable special

Le 09/11/16 à 16:26, Peter Stephenson a écrit :
> On Wed, 9 Nov 2016 15:47:10 +0100
> "Guillaume Maudoux (Layus)" <layus.on@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The general idea is that terminfo look for these varibales via getenv(),
>> To pass them correctly, we need to export them to our own environment.
>> The term update is just a nice extra feature avoiding the TERM=$TERM trick.
>> I am not aware of the review/accept policy for patches.
>> Could you tell me if this one has any chance to get merged ?
> Can't see any problem generally, given it's exactly parellel to the
> TERMINFO trick.
> Usually you just need to post it (without the "> " and by any mechanism
> that doesn't cause line wrap or other modifications) and wait for people
> to comment.
My initial mail contained only the patch, in the correct format.
I then send a description, scrambling the patch... Seems like I am
unable to get both right ;-).
> One issue is that the doc implies (and people would probably expect)
> that TERMINFO_DIRS is a tied variable with a terminfo_dirs array
> equivalent. This doesn't exist.  This would need accessors along the
> lines of the contents of colonarr_gsu for the colon-separated version
> and vararray_gsu for the array version.  Possibly only the setters are
> different.
Would it be okay to change only the docs ? There is no reason to make
TERMINFO_DIRS a tied variable.
It's a basic raw variable passed to ncurses, not a widely used variable
like $path.
I just copied the description of some array variable, trying to be smart...

I will submit the same patch with a better doc.
> pws

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