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Re: Regression in bracketed-paste-magic (not in 5.2, but affects 5.3's test releases)

On Dec 6, 2016 6:58 PM, "Zhiming Wang" <zmwangx@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Commit 20948d0 (38579: Functions/Zle/bracketed-paste-magic: simplify saving
restoring of state) introduced a regression that results in the ZLE buffer
being repeated when pasting under certain conditions.


Here's a simple reproducer:

2. Press the following sequence of keys (no space): ^R echo ^R ^E
   (history-incremental-search-backward, "echo",
   history-incremental-search-backward, end-of-line), then paste something,
   say, "zsh".

This probably indicates a problem with undo-point handling around history
search, which has been a sticky wicket in the past.  The patch you cite
replaced b-p-m's internal handling of $BUFFER with reliance on the undo

 For the 5.3 release the easiest approach is likely to be to back out that
change and re-apply it after the release when it can be more thoroughly

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