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Re: [PATCH] Remove SH_USE_BSD_ECHO autoconf test.

On Dec 24,  5:43pm, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
} It is unused


Sometime back before 1996:

|+ #ifdef SH_USE_BSD_ECHO
|      {"bsdecho", 		0,    0,    OPT_EMULATE|OPT_SH},
|+ #else
|+     {"bsdecho", 		0,    0,    0},
|+ #endif

There is no version-controlled copy of zsh old enough to still have
this code, and the earliest reference to it in the list archive is
in reply to a message that is too old to be in the archive.

The intention seems to have been to have the default behavior of
zsh's echo builtin match the default behavior of the echo command
on the same platform.

In spite of the conditional above having been removed from (what was
at that time) globals.h, the useless configure test was revised and
kept up to date for nearly a decade, and then has been sitting there
ever since.

} its presence causes the downstream packages that install
} config.h to be non-reproducible.

I don't know what that means, but it doesn't really matter ...

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