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Re: [PATCH] Remove zpty exit hook from forked processes

Hey Bart,

First, thanks very much for setting up the workaround email addresses.
I was having a hell of a time sending this patch.

> If the only meaningful diff is this one ...
> } +     deletehookfunc("exit", ptyhook);
> }       clearjobtab(0);
> ... then there is no reason to move around all those static functions.
> Just mark the one to be declared in the autogenerated header file.

I wasn't aware of the significance of the `/**/` comment above certain
functions but it makes perfect sense now.

I'm not familiar with the etiquette around making changes to a patch
since I've mostly worked with GitHub and their pull requests for
submitting changes to open source projects.

Would it be most helpful for me to re-submit a modified patch, or do
you have everything you need from me to make the requested change?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author