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Fwd: Re: %N in prompt shows "_zsh_highlight_call_widget" on Ctrl-L instead of e.g. "/usr/bin/zsh" or "-zsh" since recently (#414)


I'm not sure since when this happens, but that part of my prompt
hasn't changed for quite a while and this happens for a few weeks now,
maybe since the zsh-syntax-highlighting (z-sy-h) 0.5.0 release or
since the zsh 5.3 release, but at least with the combination of z-sy-h
0.5.0 and zsh 5.3.1:

Everytime I press Ctrl-L in my xterm, %N inside my prompt shows
_zsh_highlight_call_widget instead of e.g. /usr/bin/zsh or -zsh:

Normal prompt:

!5334 Z5 ?0 L1 user@host:~ (pts/39 -zsh 5.3.1 stretch) 21:35:56 
~ → 

After Ctrl-L:

!5334 Z2 ?0 L1 user@host:~ (pts/39 _zsh_highlight_call_widget 5.3.1
stretch) 21:36:18 
~ → 

Due to z-sy-h's widget name appearing in the prompt, I first reported
this as issue against z-sy-h:

But according to Daniel Shahaf, this difference is reproducible
without z-sy-h. How to reproduce:

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Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2017 20:00:08 -0800
From: Daniel Shahaf <notifications@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Hello Axel!

> ~ → zsh -f
> host% . /usr/share/zsh-syntax-highlighting/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh 
> host% PS1='%N %% '
> zsh % ^L
> _zsh_highlight_call_widget % 

I can reproduce this without z-sy-h:

$ zsh -f
% clear-screen() { zle .$WIDGET -- "$@" }
% zle -N clear-screen 
% PS1='%1N %# '
zsh % <^L>
clear-screen % 

That's with zsh master; with zsh 5.0.7 from debian stable, the last
prompt says "zsh", …

> should just use `$0` instead of `%N`.

… so this is an upstream change.  I am not sure whether it's a regression
or a bugfix.

Is a change on z-sy-h's side needed?

(I quickly grepped upstream's git, but haven't found anything yet)
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		Regards, Axel
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