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Re: problem with _sysrc in zsh 5.3

Eric Cook wrote:
> # sysrc
> _describe:21: bad option: -C
> (eval):1: bad substitution
> (eval):1: not an identifier: [_-]=* r:|=*[@]
> This wasn't an problem with 5.2 from what i remember and when i move _value's
> -w option to appear after -C, the error doesn't appear.
> I also have a few personal completers that also calls _values -w -C ...
> but luckly nothing else in Completion/* does it.
> What change caused this?

38641. It didn't allow for _values options coming before -C or -O. Sorry
about that.

The use of -C in _sysrc seems fairly pointless given that it isn't used
with any states. It probably could attempt to complete some values.
Maybe just YES/NO for any configuration variable that ends in _enable.


diff --git a/Completion/BSD/Command/_sysrc b/Completion/BSD/Command/_sysrc
index 651c18b89..246d73bd3 100644
--- a/Completion/BSD/Command/_sysrc
+++ b/Completion/BSD/Command/_sysrc
@@ -76,9 +76,9 @@ _sysrc() {
       if (( $#rc_conf_vars )); then
         if [[ $opt == N ]]; then
-          _values -w -C variable ${^rc_conf_vars%%\[*}'::value' && ret=0
+          _values -w variable ${^rc_conf_vars%%\[*}'::value' && ret=0
-          _values -w -C variable ${^rc_conf_vars}'::value' && ret=0
+          _values -w variable ${^rc_conf_vars}'::value' && ret=0
diff --git a/Completion/Base/Utility/_values b/Completion/Base/Utility/_values
index c510b4cc0..6e38e00f4 100644
--- a/Completion/Base/Utility/_values
+++ b/Completion/Base/Utility/_values
@@ -1,13 +1,14 @@
-local subopts opt usecc garbage
+local subopts opt usecc garbage keep
-zparseopts -D -a garbage C=usecc O:=subopts M: J: V: 1 2 n F: X:
+zparseopts -D -a garbage s+:=keep S+:=keep w+=keep C=usecc O:=subopts \
+    M: J: V: 1 2 n F: X:
 (( $#subopts )) && subopts=( "${(@P)subopts[2]}" )
-if compvalues -i "$@"; then
+if compvalues -i "$keep[@]" "$@"; then
   local noargs args opts descr action expl sep argsep subc test='*'
   local oldcontext="$curcontext"

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