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Re: [BUG] umount mountpoint completion

Bart Schaefer wrote on Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 15:10:30 -0800:
> The fancy substitution that cleaned up this mess was then replaced by a
> simpler one that works NEARLY all the time; except it breaks when the
> aforementioned \040 for space is followed by ANOTHER digit.  In that
> case the simplfied substitution treats (in Ferdinand's example) \0400
> as a single octal number and turns it into $'\C-@' instead of " 0".

Good find.

> However, one question remains.  Ferdinand, in your original message on
> this thread you said:
> } > % sudo umount "/tmp/a\ 0"
> } 
> } Which is of course invalid.
> Could you please explain why you consider this to be invalid?  Because if
> all we do is revert 33963, the above is what you're going to get again,
> and I don't immediately see what's wrong with it.

umount's argv would include the backslash literally, and there is no
mount point called '/tmp/a\ 0', only '/tmp/a 0'.

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