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PATCH: Fix seg fault on user autocomplete under msys

 Under windows (MSYS2 or Cygwin) user names can contain local characters.
For example user name "СИСТЕМА" (RU_ru.utf-8). This leads to infinite loop
in function quotestring and char array overflow.
So user names need metafy.

diff --git a/Src/utils.c b/Src/utils.c index b3fa3d24c..0aeb85089 100644
--- a/Src/utils.c +++ b/Src/utils.c @@ -1230,13 +1230,13 @@ adduserdir(char
*s, char *t, int flags, int always) * named directory, since these are
sometimes used for * special purposes. */ - nd->dir = ztrdup(t); + nd->dir
= metafy(t, -1, META_DUP); } else - nd->dir = ztrduppfx(t, eptr - t); +
nd->dir = metafy(t, eptr - t , META_DUP); /* The variables PWD and OLDPWD
are not to be displayed as ~PWD etc. */ if (!strcmp(s, "PWD") || !strcmp(s,
"OLDPWD")) nd->node.flags |= ND_NOABBREV; -
nameddirtab->addnode(nameddirtab, ztrdup(s), nd); +
nameddirtab->addnode(nameddirtab, metafy(s, -1, META_DUP), nd); } /* Get a
named directory: this function can cause a directory name *

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