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Re: unbounded recursive call in a shell script crashes zsh

On Apr 11,  4:38pm, Kamil Dudka wrote:
} So the difference is caused by the fact that recent versions of zsh are
} more hungry on stack, so the stack allocation limit is exceeded before the 
} shell call recursion limit is reached.

Actually more recent versions should be *less* hungry because we no
longer use alloca() as the default for many local arrays (unless your
zsh was compiled with --enable-stack-allocation).

However, a LOT has changed since 4.3.11.  For example the warning about
"recursion limit exceeded" is from an entirely different part of the
code than "maximum nested function" -- the limit that was being hit in
4.3.11 is never reached with 5.3.1, so there's no way to tell whether
the older version might also have overflowed the stack.

In fact 4.3.11 running out of job table space means that it consumed
all malloc() memory before consuming all of the stack; 5.3.1 is much
better about heap footprint.

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