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Re: Gmail patch extraction (was: Cannot paste unicode <0221>, <0234> - <024f>)

Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote on Mon, May 08, 2017 at 06:33:38 +0200:
> On 8 maja 2017 at 06:05:38, Sebastian Gniazdowski (psprint@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > Ok but it was working before on gmail, I've applied many patches by downloading .eml file 
> > and removing discussion text, they've had to have "=" in them.
> Hm but it's probably client that encoded = into =3D and breaked long
> lines with =. At some point I'll probably create a tool that will
> remove discussion text and decode, I've tried copy-paste from Mutt and
> it didn't work

When you use mutt you need to use the 'v' command (from the pager (read
one message) screen) and then <Enter> on the relevant body part,
otherwise there'll be "+" signs at the start of visual lines.  (Instead
of pressing <Enter> you can actually press '|' and pipe the body part to
patch(1) as-is.)

I suspect we might be outstaying our welcome in the list subscribers'
mailboxes at this point, so let's continue on #zsh IRC.



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